Tip Jar

Hi guys!

There isn’t even much information about the campaign yet, and already I am putting out information about a Tip Jar? Yeah, well, we did mention it, so here it is:

I really like role-playing. I like both being the Dungeon Master as well as being the player. All too often I turn out to be the DM/GM. This is fine.

For a game like Pathfinder, playing it on Fantasy Grounds, this means I shelled out for the rulebooks (digital in this case), FG Ultimate license (so players don’t have to pay anything), potentially work-saving extensions like Bestiary etc. once they come out, the Adventure Path modules, etc.

Plus I am doing all the prep work.

This is all fine. I love doing this, it’s a hobby.

BUT – if you DO want to pitch in, I won’t refuse that. In fact, I’ll put it back into the campaign, and I’ll happily let you decide where to put the money.

Just follow this link and tip whatever you feel like it.

To the Tip Jar

Here’s the list of things to use this for – off the top of my head:

  • Fantasy Grounds official Pathfinder extensions: GMG, Bestiaries, APG, etc. (not yet released)
  • Further Pathfinder PDFs (Advanced Race Guide, Mythic Adventures, Pathfinder Unchained, Towns of the Inner Sea)
  • Fancier token borders, like these. Or these.

A reminder: NONE of you has to tip ANYTHING. I am happy to run a good campaign just for the fun of it, especially with TUC members.

Tip Jar

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