Character Generation FAQ

There are always questions during character generation…

How do I generate the character abilities?
The default is a 20-point purchase.
Alternatively you can roll 4d6 (in FG, with me present), scratch the last one and then assign the values (this has potential for better values, but comes at a risk).

Do we need to buy stuff like backpack and food etc?

You are going to watch a parade and the start of the holiday of Armasse. That means you are on the streets, looking for a good time. In Kenabres that means everybody is still going armed and armored – the threat level is too high.

It’s up to you whether you bring anything beyond that, but if you do, you’ll have to buy it.

Is hp at first lvl max hp or rolled?

We have to use 1 of the campaign traits right?
Yes, you should get one. It’s best if everybody gets a different one, though. Look into the Player’s Guide, if you want to know more (linked in the TUC forum thread). And you only get one campaign trait ;-).

Character Generation FAQ

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